jemma 🌹 brown

Jemma Rose Brown is a conceptual artist and producer. Her practice is shaped by a career working in radio and podcasting, and a deep fascination with personal narratives. What are the stories we tell about who we are? How can they be rewritten? Her tactile works interplay multiple mediums- interview, cooking, scent and audio storytelling- to challenge ideas of proximity and distance.

Born and raised in New York City, Jemma is curator of On Air Fest, a Senior Producer at work x work agency and one half of Cosmophage Collective. Previously she produced for The Moth.

select work

The Dinner of Intimacy | 2018


On Air Fest | 2018


StoryScribe | 2016

Festival of Fire | 2017

The Dream Sequence | 2013

work history

2018             Senior Curator and Producer On Air Fest

2018             Senior Producer work x work 

2014-2017        Producer The Moth

2013             Video Editor Jill Godmilow                

2012             Intern PRI

2012             Intern KFAI 

2011             Intern Storycorps