A co-consumption in five courses.

June 19th, 2018.


A performance. A dinner. A ritual. A ceremony.


Do you divulge easily?


You don’t like the phrase, “she is my other half.” It makes it sound like one person can complete another. Fill in the gaps. As if there is something lacking. As if there’s only a finite person to become.



Sharing a meal is a momentary intimacy. A chance to experience the same sensations of flavor and texture in sync with those around you.


Here we have the first of five spheres you’ll feed each other. They’re all highly flavorful, rapidly ingestible. There could be anything inside. Possibility never disappoints. 



Pull a small piece of bread from the loaf, and dip the bread into the broth. Let the bread take in the broth like a sponge. When the bread is full, offer it to your partner’s lips.

THE_DINNER-18 (1).jpg


Chef … Jimmy Tran
Diners … Amanda Saviñón
Sei Smith
Robin Major
Yesenia Ielpi Major
Emilio Martinez Poppe    
KT Pe Benito
Assistants … Q Nguyen
Aja Evans
Austin Ielpi
Lisa Crafts
Emulsifiers … Rigoberto Lara Guzmán
Christina du Garnier Croll
Photographers … Roy Baizan
Lara De La Torre

DOI sphere production.jpg