BORDER CROSSERS & TROUBLE MAKERS: translation and subtitling of three avant-garde resistance films from the series, 2013-14.

These three films are part of Jill Godmilow, Ernest Larsen and Sherry Milner's forthcoming collection, "Border Crossers and Trouble-Makers."

Production stills, Les Femmes Iraniennes:

Les Femmes Iraniennes was filmed at a women's rights protest in Tehran in March of 1979. Khomeini had come to power in February of that year, and just one month after this footage was taken, the Islamic Republic was founded. In this slim window of time, four female French filmmakers documented the swell of feminist demonstrations in Tehran before they were silenced. Subtitled from the French and Farsi by Jemma. 

Production stills, S.C.U.M Manifesto:

These are stills from Carole Roussopoulos and Delphine Seyrig's 1976 reading of Valerie Solanas' radical feminist text S.C.U.M Manifesto. Subtitled from the French by Jemma.

Production stills, Aubervilliers:

Aubervilliers was filmed in the aftermath of WWII by Éli Lotar. Subtitled from the French by Jemma.